Hooray, music!

So I like to fancy myself a musician.  I’ve been playing guitar for just about half my life, but I also play drums, bass, and I can sing on a good day.  And I have here a small collection of ideas/works-in-progress that I’d like to share.  Here is the link to them on Myspace.

I know, I know.  Myspace?  Really?  Well, they used to be hosted on a site called GarageBand.com that apparently got bought out or taken over by Myspace or something, and that’s where my music ended up.  How it got tied to my old Myspace account that I haven’t checked in years I have no idea, but whatevs.


“Desolation Demo” – This is my metal track back when I had the means to record such music.  Just my guitar, my trusty Line 6 POD 2.0 (which I miss oh so much) and my computer.  And recording software.  And Drumkit From Hell.  Fun times.

“There Were Times Demo” – This song.  Hoo boy.  I have plans for this bad boy.  I love the sound I was able to get with my acoustic on this track.  I love the chord progression and melodies.  I hate writer’s block, however, which is why this track is unfinished.

“Avalon Demo” – So, many moons ago when I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend.  No, seriously!  Okay, stop laughing.  STOP.  Thank you.  Anyway, as any childish teenager going through the transition to adulthood and responsibility, I broke up with this girl for the completely wrong reasons.  And I knew that it hurt her something bad.  Hurt me too.  So the lyrics kind of sprang from that experience and I’d had them kicking around since that time.  The music just came from an urge to write something in the key of D.  So I merged the two.  Had my friend Cole sing on this one.  Once the song was done, it was a pretty cathartic experience.  I plan on keeping the song and re-writing the lyrics.  I like the chords and melodies, but the lyrics were written as a teenager to deal with a stupid mistake.  Now that I’m an adult, I have many more stupid mistakes from which to choose from.

“Melancholy Demo” – This is just a short idea I got down to play around with, nothing special.  Just me putzing around with harmonies.  The mix is awful on both clean and electric parts, but I don’t care because I dig it.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ve got other tunes floating around I’ll get around to posting and blogging about eventually.


~ by interneth3ro on April 13, 2011.

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